Raw Material : "Nature is the source of our inspiration for color, form and pattern
of materials, made exclusively for the Fenici label"
The genesis of every piece of art is original and outstanding raw material. We use the finest
Australian wool, cashmere and the sophisticated super 160s wools, VICUNA ans GUANACO.

Made-to-measure: "for us this means customized to your lifestyle, temperament
and personality, not just body structure and shape.

We work very closely with the most prestigious names in the fabrics industry who most of the
time deliver material that are specifically made for Michael Fenici. From the refined Zegna to
the sophisticated Guabello and the luxurious Loropiana, they all come together to make every
piece of work from Michael Fenici an exceptional tactile and visual experience.

Buttons : "We are especially sensitive to the ever-changing social, economic and
cultural trends. Nevertheless, our commitment to classis excellence remains

Only the finest elements are used to complete the garment with buttons. We use the
superior buttons of corozo, natural horn, and mother-of-pearl buttons to give a total
harmony to any piece that goes out of the Michael Fenici atelier.

Shirts : "A Michael Fenici handmade garment carries the ultimate level of
refinement, evident only to the knowing eye. You can not help but admire, but to
know, is to make it your own.
The anatomy of a human body is complex and unique at the same time. We understand who

you are, how you live and what you aspire for before working on the upper body anatomy to
give you shirts that are so personal that it can only be worn by you and only you

Ties : "Time honored tradition meets the contemporary design culture In many
ways, conventional methods are used to create and innovate for the future.

Cutting a tie is as complex as cutting an entire suit. A tie has a purpose and is dedicated to
certain suits and shirts. Hand-sewn, our ties are made out of the most material and can
carry up to 1000 stitches.

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